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Puidupojad OÜ is mainly know for producing stairs but we also produce doors, wooden furniture, kitchen furniture and many other products that You can find in our catalogue. In our well thoroughly developed products, we provide innovative solutions which are uncompromising when it comes to the design and quality. 

Puidupojad OÜ was established in 2003 and has the newest manufacturing solutions and capabilities which are constantly being amended. You can find out more about our manufacturing process from here.

Our highly experienced and qualified team has manufactured various products according to our customers’ demands to Finland, Norway, Sweden, the Baltic states and in a smaller scale to other regions.


Puidupojad OÜ  Niine 11, 10414 Tallinn  Tel. +372 50 21 226; +372 53 447 866  info@puidupojad.